This course will help leaders with direct reports provide effective feedback during performance reviews.

In this Mindful Leader course, students will learn (and practice!) the skills they need to get work done, even in the midst of all of the other responsibilities as a leader.

In this Mindful Leader course, students will learn how to lead teams virtually.

This facilitator-led hybrid course is designed to help leaders identify and develop the skills needed to approach difficult conversations, prepare and take action for productive dialogue, manage emotions during the conversation, and focus on a mutually agreeable solution. The course includes a self-paced eLearning component, discussion forum assignments, and a live (virtual) group session. 

In this Mindful Leader course, students will examine the steps and methods used to delegate work effectively. 

In this Mindful Leader course, students will learn the art of giving effective feedback. 

This 33-minute recorded webinar helps you prepare to reward team members based on their performance and to hold meaningful pay conversations. 

Topics covered include:

        •  Linking Pay and Performance
        •  Communication Best Practices
        •  Preparing for Pay Conversations

This instructor-led class is a high-level overview on assessing the importance of certain projects in relation to others so that priority projects are completed first.

The Human Side of Management (HSM) session is designed to assist managers in recognizing and addressing human characteristics necessary for being a successful leader and in thinking through situations to respond appropriately and achieve desired outcomes.